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Our Recent Projects

Ready to pivot learning

Live Webcasting for Local Churches

While not necessarily directly related to learning, we have been using our technical expertise to provide equipment, resources, and training for local small and rural churches so they can conduct worship services during COVID. We have been working with several churches using the model seen here.

Our objective was to provide an economic but quality setup using the Black Magic Design ATEM Mini Pro as the keystone. Our budget limit was under $5,000.00. Each build differed from others but the basic model was the starting point.

This is the same type of setup we use as described on the "E-Learning" page.

Leadership Development Program

As a result of a request from the Business Development Bank of Canada, we helped develop a program to train mid-level and executive level mangers and supervisors in leadership. Once the program is complete, there will be two levels of training; mid-level managers and supervisors training, and senior executives training.

The foundation for the course is Personality Insights “The DISC Model of Human Behavior.” It provides an effective way to understand and build more effective communications with individuals and teams.

We are pleased to have one of the prime instructors for the DISC model as part of the learning delivery team.