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As a sub-set of distance learning, there is what is commonly referred to as "elearning" or "e-learning".

The concept of elearning is that the learning takes place on-line either on an organizational intranet that is dedicated and protected, or on publicly-available Internet location.

Normally, an elearning solution is designed to provide the learner with a self-paced learning experience. While the development of an elearning solution can be less expensive than a dedicated classroom learning solution, because of its asynchronous nature, it can take longer for the learner to complete the training.

The up-side to elearning is that the learner can devote the time available to learn and still continue to work. It removes the need for the learner to dedicate time to attend a classroom course and allows the learner to learn at their own pace.

We provide development of elearning solutions, including hosting services.