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The concept of e-learning is that the learning takes place on-line, either through publicly-available Internet connections or via an organizational intranet that is dedicated and protected,.

An e-learning service provides the learner with a self-paced learning experience. This is known as asynchronous learning. While the development of an e-learning program is less expensive than a classroom learning program, because of its asynchronous nature, it can take longer for the learner to complete the training. The up-side to e-learning is that the learner can devote whatever time is available to learn but, at the same time, continue to work. It removes the need for the learner to dedicate time to attend a classroom course and allows the learner to learn at their own pace.

There are very mature Learning Management Systems (LMS) that have been used in education for several years; Moodle, Emondu, and Blackboard. We can assist you in the development of e-learning solutions, including hosting services.

***NEW*** Training Delivery Video Suites

Over the past few years, we have been asked to advise on building a digital training suite. As a result, we are prepared to offer to help you build your own video suite. Through the pandemic, many organizations are reaping the benefits of using digital services to hold meetings on line. There is increasing interest to look at the viability of having an in-house digital training environment. We can provide a cost-effective and easy to use solution. We have been working with several small entities who asked for our help and are now seeing the benefits of digital training solutions. Let us help you to determine if an in-house solution will benefit you. Use the "Contact Us" page to request a no-cost evaluation and estimate.