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Distance Learning

Sometimes, Internet reach is not viable for learning on-line. While great strides have been made in e-learning, there are significant pockets in our country where Internet access is limited or non-existent. This challenges how learning can occur, be effective, and can be provided to everyone. In learning solutions, we are already familiar with the inclusion of take-home training material. It is a technique developed specifically to enhance learning. 

A unique service we offer is our distance learning solutions. We can help you to design alternatives to training in the classroom or on-line.

Distance learning consists of self-paced solutions that can allow the learner to receive training and to learn in their own time. It can be a stand-alone solution or it can be combined with traditional learning, a concept called "blended learning".

Distance learning solutions can include the following:

- Printed student learning materials (manuals, workbooks, and test sheets)

- CD/DVD ROM Training Programs

- mass media storage devices (e.g.,thumb drives, external hard drives)

We can assist you to develop these solutions, We use the same approach as described in our training development services. Additionally, we can provide alternatives to the management of distance learning, including managing the process on your behalf.