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Digital Training Services

In addition to our training development services, we offer solutions for providing remote learning. Not only can we produce the training program bu we can also design the delivery of training through e-learning portals, livecasting and interactive on-line training, as well as helping you create your own in-house equipment and resources. We engage experts in the technology and process of learning remotely including IT specialists, videographers, audio engineers, and system integration specialists.


The trend today is to employ Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle, Emondu, and Blackboard. LMS can be both asynchronous (learning at the student's schedule) and synchronous ("live" interactive  learning).  We can provide the service or help you to design your own service that would include the equipment and resources you would require.

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Distance Learning

There are other techniques to deliver learning besides e-learning. You could  think of them as "off-line" training programs. They could include manuals, CD- or DVD ROM, and external memory devices. We can help you design and deliver these types of "offline" programs.

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