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David Clemis, CD1 MBA CTDP

Major CF (Retd)

David has worked over 40 years, both in the military and federal public service, in the fields of security and counter intelligence. He was the first information technology officer in the Canadian Force and spent several years as a liaison and project officer with the US DoD and other agencies in developing information technology security doctrine and countermeasures. As the Deputy Commandant of the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security, he established the first cadre of professional investigators and analysts in computer-related crime and security. He worked on the first multi-level security system established in National Defence. He was instrumental in the development of national-level strategies for secure networks, first as the Chief of Computing Security for Revenue Canada and then as senior technology advisor to the Department of Communications. He has spent the last five years providing both classroom and on-line learning to Commissionaires Ottawa. As an independent contractor, he has provided threat assessments and security risk analysis to federal departments and agencies. He has spent the past ten years working with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union on the development of standardized communications protocols in both electronic business exchanges as well as e-learning networks. He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in computing technologies as well as a Masters of Business Administration. He is a Certified Training and Development Professional through the Institute for Performance and Learning.

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